Auto Glass Insurance Claims

Considering going through your insurance for your auto glass replacement?

We’ve answered a few quick questions you may have during the process!

Do I need to call my insurance company first?

No, Glassworks can help walk you through the process easily in just a few minutes! We can verify your coverage, schedule the work to be performed and handle all the paperwork for you, call Glassworks to begin, 217-502-1186

Can a small chip be repaired instead of replaced? Will my insurance cover a repair?

Usually, rock chips under the size of a quarter can be repaired instead of replacing the entire windshield. Many factors come to play in the repair vs replacement process such as time since damage occurred, damage severity, type of chip, location of chip and what chemicals have been used on windshield. Some insurance companies will cover the full cost of a rock chip repair even if the policy’s comprehensive deductible is higher.

Will filing an auto glass claim raise my rates?

While many insurance companies don’t count an auto glass claim as a claim against your policy, you should always discuss coverage questions and concerns with your insurance company directly.

Can I choose which auto glass shop I prefer to work on my vehicle?

Yes! You have the right to choose which shop to do your repairs! Most insurance companies are affiliated with 3rd party administrators that handle insurance claims on their behalf. One of the largest auto glass claims handler is also owned and financially affiliated with the largest glass replacement company in the country. So if you find your insurance call suddenly turns into a sales pitch for a large corporation, be aware that company has been trained to push you to their affiliated company to have your service done.


Glassworks would be honored to be the auto glass replacement shop of your CHOICE!

When I called my insurance, they told me they couldn’t warranty the work performed through your shop, is there a warranty?

When an insurance claim is made, more often than not you’re redirected to a third party negotiation company that handles their claims. Being as they are not directly associated with Glassworks, they cannot warranty our work. However, we do offer every customer a full one year warranty on all parts and labor against any manufacturing defects or errors in workmanship.